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It’s very important for us to avoid stress so that we can stay healthy
below are some tips on how to pamper yourself starting from the simplest things:

1. wake-up in the morning, pray how you are blessed by The Almighty, and say hello to mr. SunsHines

2. take a shower and use your favourite shower cream…

lavender scent can make you fully relaxed and fresh

3. Start your day with a body lotion with the soothing fragrance of flowers plus a fragrant body mist with a light but durable

4. stay positive, dont scare your self

live your life with things that are fun

5. make time to do something that you really enjoy….

6. Thanks your body. it s the most important thing that you must set in your mind…

whatever your body shape, it is part of the Lord you shall be grateful for

7. you can make a nice hot drink and drink it in your bed while you are listening to soft music



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  • Ruby: muridmoe lucu2 wul.. :)
  • fahrul fahmi: LoL..... it's look like the real u... u never look stresss......good articles. Pertamax.....Gan :)
  • Lenggo: Seems like you have good potential to be a writer Beiby...