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this photo was taken last year when jocelyn still was part of us, (well, she always be, she is very nice student)

this was taken when we had math-olympiad

students were enjoying field trip to National-Craft House

Students of primary 4B… being a form-teacher for this class is kinda though thing, because those students are having special character and attitide


We’re having field trip on that day… look at my partner (Ms. Lenggo), Primary 4A form teacher… she is such beautiful lady i’ve ever met.. and we both are good partner….

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  • Ruby: muridmoe lucu2 wul.. :)
  • fahrul fahmi: LoL..... it's look like the real u... u never look stresss......good articles. Pertamax.....Gan :)
  • Lenggo: Seems like you have good potential to be a writer Beiby...