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The new status

I’m married!
I finally married the boyfriend, lover and my friend
seven years we have established the love
God finally unites the two of usknown him for a lover was not enough
There are some things I learned after marriage

married ….
for me, marriage is one way to heaven

marriage is sunnah
and I follow the Sunnah

for the sake of Allah s.w.t
for the sake of the prophet
for the sake of my religion
I’m married

I love my husband because God
can not be measured by anything in this world

I love my husband
he’s so mean to me

here’s some pics from our wedding

(uncle pram, liena, aiy, rama, me, putera, dea n via)

(aiy-rama-te nung-me-dini)

life just kept running
and will stop without us knowing when
I’ll enjoy this life
with life
that God has set for me
I love God

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  • Ruby: muridmoe lucu2 wul.. :)
  • fahrul fahmi: LoL..... it's look like the real u... u never look stresss......good articles. Pertamax.....Gan :)
  • Lenggo: Seems like you have good potential to be a writer Beiby...